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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jul 24, 2020

Once again the delightful Megan joins Joe & Kendall to delve into Batman ‘66. Our focus? Victor Buono & his portrayal of King Tut! Easily the most successful of the “made for TV villains,” King Tut is the only villain outside the Big Four to appear in every season of the show. In fact, King Tut might be a shining...

Jul 17, 2020

Welcome Bat-Fanatics to the inaugural episode of Meetings at the Manor, our interview show! Each episode we invite a creator from nerd culture to Stately Wayne Manor to discuss their projects, career, and... anything else!

This episode welcomes Sophie Campbell, current writer and artist on IDW's ongoing Teenage Mutant...

Jul 10, 2020

Superman Smashes the Klan

In light of recent events, Joe and Kendall pull an audible to discuss Superman Smashes the Klan. This started as a 16-episode story in the 1946 Adventures of Superman radio show titled “Clan of the Fiery Cross.” The radio show used the story to bring the KKK’s behavior out into the open and showcase them as...