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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Mar 6, 2020

Welcome, Bat-Fanatics, to another episode where Joe & Kendall pretend to be a video game podcast! This time they continue their discussion of the highly influential Arkham series. If Arkham Asylum revolutionized what a Batman game could be, Arkham City refined it to near perfection. Add in a compelling, slightly convoluted, RISKY story and you get, arguably, the best game in the Arkham series to date. This game even showcases some of the BEST versions of Batman’s Rogues Gallery (We’re looking at you cockney Penguin! We see you modern Harley Quinn!) So, plug in those bat-earbuds and learn why Joe and Kendall think this might be the most compelling Bat-Verse of the modern era!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Arkham City
Outside the Panel: Batman: Arkham City #1 - 5