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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Nov 15, 2019

Join Joe and Kendall for the first part of the Wrong Earth Trilogy. This week we visit the comic book adaptation of Joe’s favorite Batman: Batman ‘66! Originally released as digital comics, they were printed into 30 individual comic issues and then collected into 6 trades. We dive into Batman ‘66 Volume 1 to discover what tropes of the show are needed to make this new material feel like the TV show. Limitless budget, reverence for the source material, and a single writer makes all the difference, that’s for sure! So prepare yourself for the sound effects of physicality, divert your ears from the seduction of the Siren, and denounce stimulants in your search for the Sandman as we brazenly brave the beleaguered Gotham of Batman ‘66 for our bewitching Bat-Fanatics! Plus, a short segment from Megan!


Plot Pandemonium - Batman ‘66 vol. 1 #1 - 5