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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jan 24, 2020

Joe and Kendall dive into the (oft requested) cyberpunk future of Gotham City to hang out with Terry McGinnis! Bat-Fanatics, you might be surprised to learn that Joe has NEVER watched this show! This episode is his first experience with the Batman Beyond Universe! They start off with a brief overview of the fan-favorite series before diving into the first four episodes in all their late 90s/early 2000s glory. So get ready for some cartoon physics to slag some science equipment, the crankiest and grumpiest Batman to date, and the proper way to handle Batman & guns in this week’s ripping episode of Wayne Manor Memoirs!

Infinite Origins: Our Experience; Development
Episode Extravaganza: S1 E1: Rebirth Pt 1; S1 E2: Rebirth Pt 2; S1 E3: Black Out; S1 E4: Golem