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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Dec 25, 2020

<Insert Appropriate Holiday Greeting> Bat-Fanatics, and welcome to the inaugural episode of Season 3! Another 50 episodes of Batman (or Batman adjacent) content is heading your way. And to start it off? A divisive Batman film for Joe & Kendall: Batman Returns! OF COURSE Joe and Kendall disagree about this film. Besides, they were agreeing too much anyway. This sort of deep emotional conflict really sells premium podcasts, so, you know, we gotta ape that every once in a while. 

Anyway, it’s time to shine the bat-flashlight on this corner of the Bat-Mythos to discover its monstrous penguins, vinyl clad catwomen, and pinstriped evil businessmen. Oh boy, do your hosts have A LOT to say about this holiday themed film, plus a smattering of critical reviews and a utility belt full of comparisons to Batman ‘66. So spew some gross black bile, install new batteries in your remote control batarang, and load those penguin missile launchers for we stand on a great threshold… of Season 3!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman Returns