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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Oct 18, 2021

Englehart & Rogers

We welcome back beloved Batman fan, and fan-favorite guest, Chris Schrader (Rogue’s Gallery, Hey Do You Remember?, Strange Case of Lucy Chandler) to the podcast for the show stopping finale of the Hugo Strange Quadrology! It only took us 4 to 72 months to finish four REAL episodes of the podcast. That’s quality, right? What are we discussing? Why Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers of course! Didn’t we kinda do that last time? Sure, but this time we’ve invited a guest and given ourselves some REAL breathing room to discuss their creative works in detail. What else did they work on? What are the highlights of their careers? Is there anything else you should look at? ABSOLUTELY! 


So dive in, Bat-Fanatics! Joe and Kendall are great fun, but Chris always gets them thinking outside their comfort zone! 


Background Bat-File: Steve Englehart & Marshall Rogers