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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Mar 20, 2020

Ever wonder what would happen if the Caped Crusader were as fast as a speeding bullet and could leap tall buildings in a single bound? No? Well, too bad because we are answering those questions this week! Joe and Kendall are joined by special guest Megan to review and discuss how the dark knight handles having actual super powers in Superman: Speeding Bullets and Superman/Batman: Super-Bat. To be fair, being insanely rich is a super power in its own right, but not nearly as visually exciting as heat vision or flying. Can the Bat carry the burden of the Boy Scout in Blue or will the Dark Knight deviate from his devotion to justice? We try to answer these quandaries and more while Joe does his best to keep Kendall and Megan focused.

Plot Pandemonium: Superman: Speeding Bullets & Superman/Batman vol. 1: #53-56