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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Nov 29, 2019

Best believe we don’t shiv, Bat-Fanatics! You heard the pod licken chegs? You billy! The pod for big slicer dicers!

Well, all of . . . that . . . aside, this week we continue with our Wrong Earth trilogy. We’re diving into the dark and gritty Gotham of Frank Miller’s 1984 The Dark Knight Returns! DKR is one of the books responsible for ushering in the intense, story rich, drag-your-heroes-through-the-mud-until-they-cry Iron Age era of comics. The DKR’s Batman is older, past his prime, but is he really as dark and gritty as everyone says he is? Is he truly a major deviation from the character’s origins? That’s what we aim to find out! So refuel your Bat-Tank, rekindle your relationship with the Joker, and learn a whole new weird sub-language as we settle in for a long one Bat-Fanatics. Joe and Kendall have a lot (and I do mean A LOT) to talk about!

Plot Pandemonium: The Dark Knight Returns
Outside the Panel: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt 1 & 2