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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Dec 31, 2021

Lord Death Man

Happy Holidays, Bat-Fanatics! You know, as we always say on this podcast, there is nothing that prepares you for this festive season more than taking a closer look at another psychopathic member of Batman’s rogues gallery. This holiday season, the Calendar Man has stuffed your proverbial stocking with bits and pieces of Lord Death Man. But don’t fret! He’s gonna be fine! He survived a volcano! That might be getting ahead of ourselves, though… Joe & Kendall put the menace of Bat-Manga under the microscope to find out just how Lord Death Man… lords…over… death? That’s right, Bat-Fanatics. Joe read manga. FOR YOU! And he even liked it. What is the world coming to?


So don your dramatic capes, pull out that skeleton Halloween costume from a few years ago, prepare your best Han Solo in carbonite impression, and get ready to contemplate the harsh realities of insanity and immortality as we cover ALMOST EVERY SINGLE APPEARANCE OF LORD DEATH MAN EVER. That’s right. Almost all of them. Watch out for the volcano.


Infinite Origins: Batman vol. 1 #180, Bat-Manga #1-3


Continuity Crisis: Batman Inc vol. 1 #1-2, Batman Inc: Leviathan Strikes! #1, Batman Inc vol. 2 #13, Talon vol.1 #16-17, Batman Eternal vol. 1 #46, Harley Quinn vol. 3 #48-49, Batman: Gotham Nights #16