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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jan 29, 2021

Batman Beyond pt 2

What the shock?! Yes, Bat-Fanatics, we return to the fan beloved animated series: Batman Beyond. This time Joe and Kendall review episodes 5-8, including the final fate of Mr. Freeze in the DCAU. These episodes really rip! And if the Bat-Fanatics need a reminder, while this is a delightful nostalgia trip for Kendall, Joe has NEVER seen these episodes before. Holy new Bat-Mythos! Within these 4 episodes are: the birth of Blight, the emergence of Shriek, the first DCAU Royal Flush Gang appearance, and an episode chocked full of Marvel homage. If that’s not enough, Joe and Kendall discuss the rumors surrounding a possible Batman Beyond Movie involving Michael Keaton!

Episode Extravaganza: Batman Beyond S1: E5 - Meltdown, E6 - Heroes, E7 - Shriek, & E8 - Dead Man’s Hand