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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Aug 28, 2020

Welcome Bat-Fanatics to our first attempt at covering an influential Batman creator, and what a creator we’ve chosen! Back in one of our very first emails, Jose mentioned that Jim Aparo was his Batman artist. So, Joe and Kendall hit the books to learn all they could about Mr. Aparo! Turns out, there is a lot to learn. From the origins of a newspaper ad designer, to starting comics at Charlton, to finally an entire career at DC drawing a myriad of characters: Aparo is an artistic pillar from an era largely unknown to your hosts. And how do they capitalize on this opportunity? By using it to cover Aparo’s self-admitted favorite book, the Brave and the Bold. That’s right, we’re talking more Bat team-ups than you can shake a batarang at! So prepare to hear some of the zaniest Batman stories we’ve ever talked about, drawn with some of the most engaging and dramatic art we’ve never seen. And best yet? The Origami Man!

Background Bat-File: Jim Aparo
Inside the Panel: The Brave & the Bold vol. 1 #98, 111, 120, 124, 178, 200