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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Aug 9, 2019

25 Mr Freeze.jpg

Welcome to the final episode of season one, Bat-Fanatics! Prepare yourselves for the chilly history of Mr. Freeze. If your personal history with the character stems from the Animated show, fear not! because the Golden and Silver age versions of Freeze are nothing like his 90s incarnation! So, put on your rocket skates, don your super thermal long-underwear, take your anti-freeze pills, and fill your beaker with freezing solution as we take the polar plunge into Kendall’s favorite Bat-Villain! (But, seriously, put a lid on your beaker. Those things have a habit of spilling.)

Golden Origins: Character Breakdown; Batman vol. 1 #121: The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero

Silver Crisis: Batman ‘66: S1 E7 & 8: Instant Freeze/Rats Like Cheese; Batman ‘66: S2 E19 & 20: Green Ice/Deep Freeze; Batman ‘66: S2 E59 & 60: Ice Spy/The Duo Defy; Detective Comics vol. 1 #373: Mr. Freeze’s Chilling Deathtrap!

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