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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Nov 19, 2021

Welcome back Bat-Fanatics for an episode of particularly weird proclivities! This time Joe & Kendall discuss the unofficial DC/Marvel Meta Crossover from the early 70s. This crossover, orchestrated by Steve Englehart, Len Wein, and Gerry Conway, takes place during the Rutland, Vermont annual Halloween Parade and features said writers (plus Glynis Oliver) as characters within their comics interacting with comic characters. Oh yeah. It’s one of THOSE. So buckle-up because we’re about to cover our first Marvel comics EVER on this podcast! Find answers to all of life’s questions: does Marvel pay Steve Englehart? Who is Tom Fagan and how many rooms does his mansion have? How many hamburgers can Len eat? What keeps happening to Glynis? And (most importantly) why is Steve Engleharts car so crappy? 


Oh! And your emails. So many emails!


Plot Pandemonium: Amazing Adventures vol. 2 #16, Justice League vol. 1 #103, Thor vol. 1 #207