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Wayne Manor Memoirs

May 3, 2019

19 Kamandi p1.jpg

Brace yourselves Bat-Fanatics, never before have we laughed so much during a recording… too bad Joe jacked the sound quality…

Kendall and Joe visit the post-apocalypse in Jack “the King” Kirby's longest running DC comic, “Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth.” Roman Tigers? Check. Ape Town, USA? Check. Captured shirtless blond kid? Check. Seriously this comic is nuts, but in all the best ways. So protect your supplies from the Rats, herd your humans, and set your cyclo-heart to fission as we examine life after the Great Disaster.

Infinite Origins: Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth #1 - 6

Outside the Panel: Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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