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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Nov 9, 2018

8 Egghead.jpg

Bat-Fanatics rejoice! It’s our first Batman ‘66 episode! We also have our first guest host! Holy Milestones, Batman! Joe & Kendall are joined by Megan, Joe’s Wife, to discuss Vincent Price and his portrayal of the world’s smartest man, Egghead. We discuss all of his appearances in the ‘66 series (even the bad ones!), his influences from the Mental Giant in Detective #217, and his recent addition into real DC continuity (kind of)! Whoo boy! The egg puns are eggs-cruciating Bat-Fanatics, but we know you’re egg-cited to eggs-perience them

Infinite Origins: Vincent Price

Outside the Panel: Batman ‘66 (S2 Ep. 13&14; S3 Ep. 8,9,&15); Batman:The Brave & the Bold

Inside the Panel: Detective Comics vol. 1 #217, Batman:Shadow of the Bat vol.1 #3, Harley Quinn vol. 3 #38 & #40, Batman:The Brave and the Bold vol.1 #16, Batman ‘66 vol. 1 + Tie-Ins

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