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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Oct 2, 2020

Rocking a major rogue can only mean one thing Bat-Fanatics! The end of Season 2 has arrived. This time we shine our light on the prince of the puzzlers, the king of conundrums: The Riddler! After Kendall’s frigid fight with Mr. Freeze (formerly Mr. Zero) in Season 1, it’s Joe’s turn to resist the Riddler’s ruse. We explore the 2 golden age issues of the Riddler before he disappears for 17 years only to reappear right before the release of Batman 66. Once Bat-Mania takes hold, we get rapid-fire appearances throughout the rest of the 60s. Does Frank Gorshin play a major role in the Riddler’s revival? Even within these 8 issues we see the Riddler rise as a master of deceit and cunning only to crumble into a corny criminal with a compulsion for riddles. So much squandered potential! So settle in Bat-Fanatics and prepare to have the following dastardly riddles answered for you!


Why is a honeysuckle like the letter A?

Which city never runs out of food?

Where do you find a heavy wagon and a furnace?


Infinite Origins: Detective Comics vol. 1 #140 & #142

Silver Age Shenanigans: Batman vol.1 #171 and #179; Detective Comics vol.1 #362, #364, #373, & #377

Outside The Panel: Batman ‘66 (S1 Ep 1-2, 11-12, 23-24, 31-32; S2 Ep 45-46; S3 Ep 2); Batman: The Movie