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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Oct 29, 2021

Worlds Finest - Superman Batman

Our Quadrology is over, which means it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled, seemingly random, programming. This time Joe & Kendall take a crack at Superman: The Animated Series (STAS)! Turns out, this was another (unintentional) blind spot for Joe. Of course this is a Batman podcast (at least we say it is…), so we’ll be discussing their first team up in the Timm-verse, World’s Finest! This TV movie, with a meager runtime of ~66 minutes, is incredible. Joker/Lex “team up?” Check. Hamfisted but surprisingly satisfying romance between Bruce and Lois? Check. A sense of growth within our titular characters from working with each other? Check. If you’ve never watched this, Bat-Fanatics, stop reading and go do it. Seriously. We’ll wait. Back? Great! Let’s talk Batman & Superman!


Episode Extravaganza: Superman the Animated Series S2: E16, 17, & 18 - World’s Finest