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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Dec 20, 2019

It’s time to end our first trilogy of Season 2 by discussing Tom Peyer’s and Jamal Igle’s The Wrong Earth. What’s that? That’s not a Batman comic? You bet your Batcave it is! This time Joe, Kendall, and special guest Megan delve into the worlds of Dragonflyman and Dragonfly, the same hero from two vastly different Earths! On Earth Alpha, Dragonflyman and his youthful ward, Stinger, protect the status quo of Fortune City from narcissistic near-do-wells. On Earth Omega, the Dragonfly brings savage (and lethal!) justice to those who break the law. So what happens when the two accidentally swap Earths? We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


We originally billed this as Batman ‘66 meets the Dark Knight Returns, which it sort of is. However, more importantly, this is a cross sectional view of the history of comics. Can the fun heroics of the Silver Age still exist side by side with the dark and gritty realism of the Iron Age? Malign the maleficent malcontents, dose those dastardly deviants with deadly poison, transcend the treacherous trivia of Triviac, and find out Bat-Fanatics!


Plot Pandemonium: The Wrong Earth #1 - 6