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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Nov 23, 2018

9 Maxie Zeus.jpg

Move over God of Thunder and rejoice, Bat-Fanatics, as you are in the presence of the almighty Maxie Zeus! You’ll laugh, you’ll . . . well, mostly laugh, as Joe and Kendall explore the complex history of one of the best themed Batman crime bosses. Witness Maxie’s descent from intelligent threat to joke villain--who is only in the story to justify a Greek/Roman element--in only a few issues. From a villain who Batman calls a genius to a guy who can’t even successfully avoid running into a tree as he tries to escape Arkham, weep with Joe and Kendall for what could have been and laugh at what is.

Infinite Origins: Detective Comics vol. 1 #483, #484, #491, & #514; Batman & the Outsiders vol. 1 #14 & #15; Batman vol.1  #470; Knightfall: Detective #659; Robin vol. 4 #20, #29, & #30; No Man’s Land: Catwoman Vol 2 #74; Wonder Woman vol. 2 #164-167; Batman: Cacophony #1 & #2

Continuity Crisis: Robin vol. 4 #172; Batman: Eternal; Batman vol.3 #19; Batman/The Shadow vol. 1 #1; Doomsday Clock #4

Outside the Panel: Batman: The Animated Series: ”Fire From Olympus;” The Batman: “Thunder;” Arkham-Verse

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