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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Feb 21, 2020

Well, we said we’d cover all the crevasses of the Bat-Mythos...looks like we found the deepest, darkest, slightly damp, yet crusty corner of the Batcave. This time Joe and Kendall delve into Batman: Fortunate Son, widely considered one of the worst Batman stories ever written. Does it live up to the hype? Yes. Listen, painfully, as Batman and Robin argue about the corrupting influence of rock music. Feel nothing as Batman reveals that every time he’s listened to rock music, people have died. Watch the downward spiral of a rock artist confronted with the ghost of a blonde Elvis. And, if that’s not enough, wait for one of the strangest plot motivations to ever grace the panelled page. This is a wild ride, Bat-Fanatics, and not in a good way! So prepare for a battle of the generations 30 years too late, a lesson in speed reading music, and all the music puns you can shake a guitar at. Bat-God help us all...

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Fortunate Son
A.C.E Chemical Reactions
Crisis of Infinite Interpretations