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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jul 24, 2020

Once again the delightful Megan joins Joe & Kendall to delve into Batman ‘66. Our focus? Victor Buono & his portrayal of King Tut! Easily the most successful of the “made for TV villains,” King Tut is the only villain outside the Big Four to appear in every season of the show. In fact, King Tut might be a shining ray of outstanding in the otherwise mediocre Season 3. We discuss Buono and his career, then give you a quick overview of ALL of Tut’s appearances in Batman ‘66… except “pretend Tut” in Dr. Cassandra. Those villains don’t count…

If that wasn’t enough, we also cover all of Tut’s in-continuity comic appearances to date. And holy surprise quality, they turn out to be really enjoyable reads! So, Bat-Fanatics, get your royal apothecary to prepare some abu raubu simbu tu, ask Ms. Cleo Patrick for your daily lazy-susan of vitamins, and convince Batman to do some outrageous dancing for you as we delve into the majesty of Victor Buono. 

Background Bat-File: King Tut; Victor Buono
Outside the Panel: Batman ‘66 (S1 Ep 27-28; S2 Ep 7-8,53-54; S3 Ep 6 & 23); Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Batman vs. Two-Face; Batman:The Brave & the Bold
Inside the Panel: Batman Confidential vol. 1 #26-28; Harley Quinn vol. 3 #38-39; Year of the Villain: The Riddler; Batman ‘66 vol. 1 + Tie-Ins