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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Feb 26, 2021

Wonder Woman Dead Earth

Well, Bat-Fanatics, it isn’t Batman, but he does make an appearance . . . so it counts! This time Joe and Kendall dedicate a whole episode to a Wonder Woman comic, specifically Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. Daniel Warren Johnson is both writer and artist on this wild, monster-filled ride. BEWARE! Spoilers abound if you haven’t read this, and man, you should read it! Wonder Woman in the post apocalypse? Check. Survival of humanity pushed to the brink? Check. Shocking appearances from the other members of the Trinity? Abso-freakin-lutely. This is a strange but extremely satisfying take on Wonder Woman, Bat-Fanatics! So strap on your Amazonian utility belt, turn your lasso of truth into a weapon of war, and prepare to battle your way through the apocalypse Wonder Woman style!

Plot Pandemonium: Wonder Woman: Dead Earth 1-4