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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jun 12, 2020

Holy historically relevant comic Batman! Joe and Kendall are back to talk about Denny O’Neil’s & Neal Adams’ Batman #251: The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge. The early 70s saw many attempts by Batman comics to distance themselves from Batman ‘66. This included omitting many of Batman’s costumed criminals in favor of foes rooted in reality or the supernatural. Batman #251 marked the return of the Joker after a nearly 4-year hiatus from comics. Wow! This newly returned Joker casts off the mantle of irritating prankster and reclaims his role as jovial murderer. In addition to his darker tone, Adams gives the Joker a redesign that will influence his appearance for the next 20 years. If that wasn’t enough, this comic opened the floodgates for the return of darker versions of Batman’s other rogues. Does this comic successfully distance itself from Batman ‘66? How dark is this comic in the light of the modern era? Can Joe and Kendall successfully evaluate the impact of this comic without historical context? How much nitroglycerin is needed to have an exploding cigar take out an apartment? Tune in, Bat-Fanatics, and find out!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman vol.1 # 251