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Wayne Manor Memoirs

May 8, 2021

B-Side: Joker War

After 4 months in editing Hell, Joe and Kendall finally release the inaugural episode of the B-Side! What is the B-Side? Well, Bat-Fanatics, this is the comics opinion show from Wayne Manor Memoirs for topics that: A) we don’t really want to cover for the main show, B) come from way outside the Bat-Mythos (like maybe other companies), C) deserve more time than a Bat-Radar can offer, or D) are justified with “because we said so.” This episode we’re covering James Tynion IV’s pre-Future State run on Batman… with a major emphasis on the Joker War storyline.

We hope you enjoy, Bat-Fanatics!

Content - Batman vol. 2 #86 - 105

Mentions - Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Board Game, Batman: War Games