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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jan 11, 2019

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What happens when Joe & Kendall try to cover everything Crime Syndicate? You end up with a LONG episode. Fear not Bat-Fanatics, we’re sensible people. We split it in half! This week we cover the original Crime Syndicate of America and the anti-matter Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Watch the Crime Syndicate “Volthoom” themselves out of some nonsense, steal missiles from the Cuban Missile Crisis, get a dark and gritty reboot, and finally get phased out of existence… TWICE! Put on your goatees Bat-Fanatics, it’s time to get… Evil.

Original CSA: Justice League of America vol. 1 #29 & 30; 207 - 209, All-Star Squadron vol. 1 #14 & 15, Crisis on Infinite Earths #1, Convergence: Crime Syndicate #1 & 2

Anti-Matter CSA: Earth-2, JLA vol. 1 #107-114, Trinity vol.1 #9 - 13, Justice League of America vol. 2 #50 - 53

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