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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Apr 19, 2019

18 Batgirl of Burnside.jpg

Joe and Kendall welcome Kristen (of the Sunnydale Stacks) as they tackle the Batgirl soft reboot known as “The Batgirl of Burnside”. Babs gets a new practical purple (!!!) costume to kick baddie butt in the trendy Gotham burb of Burnside! Watch her start with hero-ing back at square one , build a super heroic social media presence, and go brain-to-brain with a villain you’ll never expect. The redesign is a lot of fun and we’re excited that we were able to share our enjoyment with Kristen. Secure your data Bat-Fanatics, we’re about to fight crime Millennial style!

Plot Pandemonium: Batgirl: Batgirl of Burnside (Batgirl vol 4 #35-40)

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