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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Apr 10, 2021

We hope you’re ready for some ‘66 shenanigans Bat-Fanatics! This week Joe & Kendal are joined by special guest Megan to delve into the second volume of the Batman ‘66 comic series. They covered the first volume way back in episode 29! 


The second volume focuses on many of the one-arc villains from the series, plus two VERY unexpected returns: Eggbert & Lisa Carson (Lisa was part of our King Tut discussion in Episode 46). Do these stories hold up to the first volume? Do they still capture the “vibe” of Batman ‘66? More importantly… will Bookworm discover the secret identity of Batman? How many women will try to marry Batman/Bruce Wayne? How do identical cousins work? Listen in and find out!


** This episode was recorded after Return of the Joker, so the ongoing “plot” of Season 3 will be slightly out of order. Don’t let your back get Bane’d! It’s bad for podcast continuity **


Plot Pandemonium - Batman ‘66 vol. 2: Physical Issues #6 - 10, Digital Issues #16 - 30