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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Apr 17, 2020

Gather close Bat-Fanatics while Uncles Joe & Kendall share with you a story of death, rebirth, judgement, and… penises. That’s right, this time we delve into the unreasonably infamous Batman: Damned. Written as a loose sequel to Azzarello & Bermejo’s Joker, this title was the flagship that launched DC’s Black Label imprint. It asked a simple question: What would happen if Batman killed the Joker? The imprint was supposed to open up flagship DC characters to stranger, darker, more mature themes. Then you show Batman’s penis and the whole thing goes into a tailspin. Does this story deserve infamy? Probably not, but it did deserve a whole new segment: Cataclysmic Controversy! Is it good? We don’t know, but we certainly give you our opinions. Is the art phenomenal? Oh yeah. So dive into a supernatural mystery of life and death, rap-battle with the demonic J-Blood, and get judged by vagrant Spectre!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Damned #1-3
A.C.E. Chemical Reactions
Cataclysmic Controversy
Crisis of Infinite Interpretations