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Wayne Manor Memoirs

May 6, 2022

Batman The Imposter

We’re back, Bat-Fanatics, and rapidly (for us) approaching the culmination of Season 3! This time Joe and Kendall pull a fast one by picking a comic so recent it was only collected in trade a month ago, Batman: The Imposter. Those of you who loved The Batman will find several similarities within this book. He is a Bruce Wayne imagined in the real world. He battles crime with simplistic gadgets, minimal support infrastructure, and near suicidal tendencies. What happens when someone poses as Batman and begins killing criminals? Gorgeously illustrated by Andrea Sorrentino, Mattson Tomlin’s script is clearly influenced by his time working on The Batman’s script. There are definitely some great ideas here. The real question Bat-Fanatics must ask themselves is: which Batman do you prefer, one rooted in realism or one rooted in traditional comic book storytelling? We can’t answer that for you, but we sure give you our opinions!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: The Imposter #1-3