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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Oct 26, 2018

7 Batman Year Two.jpg

After having crept up in the last two episodes, Joe & Kendall decided it was time and dedicated an entire episode to Batman: Year two, the mysterious story that has been effectively purged from DC conscious, though not from DC history. Did you ever want to see Batman wield a pistol with malicious intent, engage in the world’s most awkward and forced relationship, and team up with Joe Chill all while trying to stop a Pirates of the Caribbean reject with the world’s most eye-rolling catchphrase? Yeah, us neither. Buckle up, Bat-Fanatics, this is a bumpy one.

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Year Two

A.C.E. Chemical Reactions

Crisis of Infinite Interpretations

Outside the Panel: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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