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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Feb 8, 2019

13 Batman Earth One.jpg

This week Joe & Kendall are joined by special guest Chris, host of the podcast Hey, Do You Remember…?, and discuss the first volume in the Batman Earth One line. What happens when DC Comics decides to shake things up and forgo continuity in the hopes of bringing on new readers? Well, it’s akin to adding lime to a coconut: a new twist on a familiar taste.

Witness the new, yet older, Detective Jim Gordon (still rocking the sweet ‘stache); the handsome, Hollywood Detective Harvey Bullock; the grizzled, war vet Alfred Pennyworth; and the non-monstrous looking Mayor Penguin. Oh, and there’s Batman. Close your eyes and blow out your birthday candles before the Birthday Boy closes them for you.

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: Earth One vol 1

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