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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Feb 22, 2019

14 BatB S1 E1-8.jpg

Well, it took 14 episodes, but Joe and Kendall FINALLY decided to dedicate an entire episode to discussing Batman: The Brave and the Bold! Did you know they liked this show? They start by discussing the creative team and premise behind the show, then dive into the first EIGHT (!!!) episodes. Bat-Fanatics, prepare for the epic tale of Jaime Reyes (the 3rd Blue Beetle), hear the awesome adventures of the BEST Aquaman (sorry Jason), journey to exciting outlandish locales with Gorilla Grodd, and discover the lapse in Joe-knowledge that is B’wana Beast! Look forward to more episodes in this series Bat-Fanatics. They plan to cover the WHOLE series… just not back to back...

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 Episodes: “Rise of the Blue Beetle!”; “Terror on Dinosaur Island!”; “Evil Under the Sea!”; “Invasion of the Secret Santas!”; “Day of the Dark Knight!”; “Enter the Outsiders!”; “Dawn of the Deadman!”; and “Fall of the Blue Beetle!”

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