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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Sep 16, 2022

Joe & Kendall return, after an unexpected hiatus, to discuss the single appearances of Bookworm, False Face, and Zelda the Great in Season 1 of Batman ‘66. Plus, they’re joined by Megan! Can the Terrific Trio remember how to record a podcast? Not really. Can Joe successfully edit the episode? No (Sorry Bat-Fanatics, this one is a little rough!). Is the episode chock full of Bat-goodness and fun? Definitely. So listen away, Bat-Fanatics, as we discuss such lurid topics as: would polar repulsion actually break a clocktower? Should Robin be more concerned about Asbestos book covers? Is False Face scary under different contexts? Is Zelda really even a villain? FOR WHOM DOES THE BELL TOLL, BAT-FANATICS?! IT TOLLS FOR THEE!