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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Apr 8, 2022

Something seems off here, Bat-Fanatics, . . . apparently shenanigans are afoot on Earth-11! This time “Joe & Kendall” (really Megan & Chloe) meet-up to discuss Harleen, Stjepan Sejic’s retelling of Harley Quinn’s origin. This book has everything: sexy Harleen, sexy Joker, sexy nightmare sequences, sexy Hugo Strange (. . . I’m sensing a theme . . .). Harleen served as one of the tent poles of DC’s Black Label launch and is (generally) considered one of the best titles in the brand to date. So prepare for a romance story of epic proportions where Harleen >>> Harley, where the Joker has abs upon his abs, and where Batman (and Two-Face?) are almost inconsequential!


Plot Pandemonium: Harleen #1-3