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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jan 25, 2019

12 2 CSA.jpg

Joe & Kendall continue their discussion on the Crime Syndicate. This time they cover the short-lived Crime Society of America, focusing on the heroes of old Earth-2 and the Forever Evil Crime Syndicate. Finally, a Crime Syndicate that’s scary! Holy expanded evil rosters, Batman! Evil Supergirl? Evil Atom? Evil Firestorm? Evil CYBORG? It’s all here Bat-Fanatics. So, return to the evil mirror realm one more time as we (finally) finish the Crime Syndicate of America.

Crime Society: Countdown to Final Crisis, The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society #1
New 52 CSA: Trinity War, Forever Evil, Justice League vol. 2 #24 - 29, Darkseid War
Outside the Panel: Crisis on Two Earths, Batman: The Brave and the Bold (S1, Ep 13 & 14)

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