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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jun 25, 2021

Hugo Strange

Welcome Bat-Fanatics to the first part of our Hugo Strange Quadrology! This episode will focus on the Golden Age origins of Dr. Hugo Strange. We’ll follow this with a modern retelling of one of these classic tales then dive into the fan-lauded Englehart & Marshall run on Detective Comics from the 70s. We’ll finish by talking specifically about Englehart & Marshall’s impact on the Bat-Mythos.


Seriously though, Kendall jokes that Joe might be Hugo’s doppelganger. Let’s check. Bald? Yep. Round glasses? Usually. Thick chinstrap beard? Yep. Evil scientist bent on dominating the will of the weak? Definitely. They’re the same person! What’s even crazier? Hugo Strange is the first recurring villain in the Bat-Mythos. That’s right. Before Joker! What’s even more wild? We’re going to cover Batman #1 and talk about the LEAST popular story in the whole issue! That’s how we do things here Bat-Fanatics. Enjoy some classic Golden Age stories from the earliest year of the Batman!


Infinite Origins: Detective Comics Vol. 1 #36; Batman vol. 1 #1; Detective Comics Vol. 1 #46