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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Mar 12, 2021

Dr Trapp

Look, Bat-Fanatics! It's our first character episode of Season 3 and we choose… Dr. Trap? You know, the guy with the metal jaw who tried to kill Harley, Ivy, Selina, and Kite-Man in that one episode of the second season of the Harley Quinn TV show? THAT guy? Oh yeah, Bat-Fanatics. That guy. This is easily the weirdest character progression Joe and Kendall have seen to date. In fact, Dr. Trap doesn’t appear as a “real” character until almost 3 years after his original design. That design? A methodical serial killer of supers, both heroic and villainous. Great premise right?! So join us as we read, perhaps, the most eclectic batch of DC comics that we’ve ever read to figure out where this mysterious metal-mouthed menace starts, and where he ends up!

Infinite Origins: Chase vol. 1 #3 & #6
Continuity Crisis: Martian Manhunter vol. 2 #20 & #36, Harley Quinn vol. 1 #23, Manhunter vol. 1 #26-30, Batwoman vol. 2 #19
Outside the Panel: Harley Quinn S2 E3 - Catwoman