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Wayne Manor Memoirs

May 1, 2020

It’s time for a word-class education, Bat-Fanatics. This time Joe and Kendall delve deep into the origins of Joe’s favorite character: the Question. Born from the mind of Spider-Man artist Steve Ditko, the Question takes all of Ditko’s Objectivism and splays him across the back-matter comic book pages of Charlton Comics’ Blue Beetle vol. 5. Do you think sycophants are the leeches of a capitalist society? Do you think that only those capable of critical and independent thought are worthy of idolatry? Are you “on the fence” about saving the lives of criminals? Do you think modern art is abhorrent to the sensibilities of a well adjusted society?  Well, this version of the Question might just be the perfect hero for you. So chemically bond your pseudoderm face, alter the colors of your clothes, and clearly expound the ideals of your philosophy as we discuss a character most only recognize through Rorschach!

Infinite Origins: Blue Beetle vol. 5 #1-5, Mysterious Suspense vol. 1 #1, Charlton Bullseye vol. 1 #5, Charlton Bullseye vol. 2 #1
Outside the Panel: JLU: Fearful Symmetry, Question Authority, Double Date, and Grudge Match; Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Mystery in Space!, The Knights of Tomorrow!, Darkseid Descending!; Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Lego Batman 3