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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jul 26, 2019

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Welcome Bat-Fanatics to a highly anticipated topic in the Batman Mythos. Batman: The Animated Series (aka BTAS) defined Batman for many a 90s child. The series was so successful that several aspects of the show were incorporated into mainstream Batman comics continuity. Needless to say, this show is a pretty big deal for a lot of Batman fans. So, Joe and Kendall begin their descent into the “Dark Deco” of Gotham to revisit their childhoods through BTAS. Cartoons were in a pretty bad place before the early 90s and Batman had a major role in redefining what cartoons could do.  Load your bat-grapple, attack some innocent thugs walking past a bank explosion, and prepare to be illuminated by dramatic lighting as we examine this sacred cow of the Bat-Mythos!

Infinite Origins: Setting the Scene; Development

Episode Extravaganza: S1 E1: On Leather Wings; S1 E2: Christmas with the Joker; S1 E3: Nothing to Fear; S1 E4: The Last Laugh

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