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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Aug 17, 2018

2 Clock King.jpg

Joe & Kendall delve into a treasure trove of time puns as they discuss the Clock King! Who knew such an obscure character could be so complicated? There are only 3 different versions of the character. How hard can that be? Follow the Clock King from his humble origins in World's Finest, to Justice League International, to DC Rebirth, to Batman: The Animated Series. This is a dense one Bat-Fanatics! We're made some changes for future chapters.

Infinite Origins: Star Spangled Comics #70, World's Finest #111, World's Finest #257, JLI #23, Suicide Squad vol. 2 #1, Teen Titans vol. 3 #56

Continuity Crisis: Green Arrow vol. 5 #22-34, Harley Quinn vol. 2 #11-13, Deathstroke: Rebirth, Batman vol. 3 #14

Outside the Panel: Batman: The Animated Series (S01E14, S02E10), Justice League Unlimited (S02E04), Batman '66 (S02E11, S01E12), Arrowverse

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