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Wayne Manor Memoirs

May 21, 2021

The Kings Bat

It’s time for another installment of Talkin’ Tom King! I mean… Wayne Manor Memoirs. This time Joe and Kendall revisit some of the one-shot (single issue) stories from Tom King’s run on Batman. There are some great books in this selection, including two of their FAVORITE COMICS from King. Why? How?! What is the role of a one-shot in an ongoing story arc? Why are these single issues so effective when they are essentially comic book short stories? Joe & Kendall do their best to answer these questions while expounding on the virtues of character driven storytelling. If that wasn’t enough, we get the best team-ups that NO ONE asked for… Batman & Elmer Fudd. Take back that eye roll Bat-Fanatics, this book is SHOCKINGLY good.

So give a “Hell Yeah” as you strap on your body-kite, make sure your butler/father has the best equipment for cleaning up swamp detritus, and prepare for bountiful (possibly biased) praise to be heaped upon Tom King.

Plot Pandemonium - Batman vol. 3 #23, 24, 38, 54, Annuals 2 & 4; Batman/Elmer Fudd Special