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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Apr 3, 2020

Thanks to our listener Thomas Egan for being the single needed request to bring back Kamandi. Honestly, what’s not to love?! Joe and Kendall continue their surprising investment in this comic by covering the next six issues. Remember the audio issues from the first part? Gone. Remember the over the top insanity of the stories? Still here! The absolute unabashed fun of the series? Still here! The requited love of Joe and Kendall? Bigger and better than ever. Did you get that we like this series?

If COVID-19 has you feeling down and looking for something to do, Joe and Kendall cannot recommend this book more: fun, wacky, and generally light. Maybe even a good candidate for the kiddos. Bat-Fanatics set your cyclo-hearts to fission, prepare for the menace of the Misfit, and hope that Sacker’s still has some toilet paper left as we return to a post-apocalyptic future in our seeming apocalyptic world.

Plot Pandemonium: Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth #7-12