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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Dec 7, 2018

10 White Knight.jpg

The Joker goes SANE! That’s right Bat-Fanatics, Joe & Kendall are covering the newly released Batman:White Knight. Jack Napier (formerly the Joker) goes up against a loose cannon Batman for the fate of Gotham. Plus, there are two Harley Quinns (so we know Joe is all in). Is Batman really a foil for the 1%? Is the GCPD complicit in Batman’s crimes because they house the Bat-Signal? Are we seriously going to root for the Joker to beat Batman? You’ll be surprised at the answers. Sean Murphy (Joe the Barbarian & Punk Rock Jesus) wrote the script and penciled (and inked) the art. You’re in for a real treat Bat-Fanatics. There are major spoilers for this story, so please, do yourself a favor, READ THE BOOK FIRST! You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and we adjusted our format for collected stories just a bit. Outrageous!

Plot Pandemonium: Batman: White Knight

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