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Wayne Manor Memoirs

Jan 31, 2022

It’s been a long time Bat-Fanatics, how have you been? Joe and Kendall have switched jobs, fought plagues, enjoyed holidays, and generally taken an unexpected break from podcasting. One month later, they release an episode recorded before CHRISTMAS. Ah well, that’s quality right? We continue to show zero viability for a Patreon. Anyway! This time Joe and Kendall hit you with the “hidden” Batman: Year X story by looking at Marv Wolfman’s Batman: Year Three. Never heard of it? Never read it? Well, they didn’t collect it until 2019! You can read it on DCUI though… Year Three focuses on Robin’s origin and history with notorious gangster Tony Zucco while simultaneously dealing with the fallout of Jason Todd’s death in the present. It’s a book overloaded with potential, that unfortunately fails to deliver. It’s not all bad though! Get ready for helicopter gang slayings, a Batman on the brink that is still more tame than modern Batman, some delightful Dick zingers, and SO MANY opportunities for “PHRASING!”. Plus, at the rate we’re going, who knows when you’ll get another episode!


Plot Pandemonium: Batman Vol. 1 #436 - 439